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Building Box 443

Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil





Area 731m²


Architectural project

Anderson Calvi

Diego Brazil
Pedro Collares
Samuel Biron


Tanara Castro

Max Castro


Marcelo Donadussi

The Box443 project is located in  Porto Alegre , the southernmost capital of Brazil. It is a building that houses 9 residential units arranged on three floors above the ground, while the ground floor organizes complementary areas to the main use and demarcates the access for pedestrians and vehicles. The project aims to encourage a balanced correspondence between public and private space, so a white monoblock is raised from the ground and frees up the ground floor so that these exchanges are established at the observer's level.
The monobloc undergoes some subtractions that provide adequate ventilation and lighting, as well as denounce the interior use. Therefore, it is possible to understand that the narrow openings are intended for bathrooms and service areas; the larger openings to the living and dining room; and the windows with intermediate dimensions to the bedrooms. However, the random arrangement of these subtractions does not allow the reading of each individual unit, in this way the building presents the reading of a single prismatic volume suspended on the ground with random subtractions.
Sometimes it is possible to understand the intentions and purpose of the Master Plans of Cities through their built pieces. Therefore, this object raised from the ground obeys the mandatory setbacks, uses the maximum potential of buildable area and uses the maximum height gauge, making this building also an urban piece that exposes in the physical environment an extract of regulations arranged in the Master Plan associated with the intentions projects to collaborate for a more balanced and equitable city.

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