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2V house

Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil





Area 355m²


Architectural project

Diego Brazil

Samuel Biron

Douglas Marques

Anderson Calvi


Jonathan Krugg


Marcelo Donadussi

The design challenge of this residence was the need for ample space for leisure required by users.  Therefore, the strategy of this project is to elevate the main program of the residence to the second floor and free the ground level. 

In this way, the first level becomes a large leisure area that alternates open/covered and indoor/outdoor spaces. This level also houses the service zone, library, and guest bedroom.

The second floor is divided into two separate cores - the social, located in the northern portion of the site, and the intimate, positioned in the southern part of the lot - connected by a walkway. 

This arrangement allows all the family's daily activities to take place on the upper floor, eliminating the stairs from the routine path of the residents.

The geometry of the upper volume, a combination determined by the shape of the lot and analysis relevant to the site, provides adequate lighting and natural ventilation, privacy control and framing of the surrounding perspectives.

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