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MMVB house

Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil



Area 30m²


Architectural project

Diego Brazil

Anderson Calvi

Samuel Biron

Douglas Marques

The project, located in the southern zone of Porto Alegre, the southernmost regional capital of Brazil, is a residential intervention. 

The proposal of a single element involving the entire house reflects the intention of the project to personify the residence and heal pathologies of the existing work.

The semi-detached houses, two identical residences that share a border, are voraciously built in the south zone of Porto Alegre, however this new enclosure breaks this relationship with its twin neighbor, giving the house a new identity, as well as solving all problems of infiltration that occur in several points.

This new skin is superimposed over practically the entire new profile of the house, except at the front where there is a detachment that respects the front balcony of the second floor, in this way in the current  In the front window of the second floor, a bridge box is placed that supports the old building and the new structure, keeping the entrance of natural light and creating a small reading space inside the room. All other openings are enlarged to increase the entry of natural light into the building.

In order to adapt to the new program of needs, some changes were made in the aspects of organization and flow of the house: the basement, until then abandoned,  it was transformed into a studio and a staircase was added to access it; the service area was relocated from the ground floor to the third floor, making the entire ground floor for exclusive social use and directly connected to the patio; on the second floor, two bedrooms and a small work area gave way to a suite, while the other bedroom had a balcony attached to the bedroom; the third floor was transformed into a multipurpose room for video projections and editing, in addition to the creation of a small pantry and the aforementioned relocation of the service area.

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