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Kiosk EL165

Gravataí - Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil





Area 105m²


Architectural project

Diego Brasil

Anderson Calvi


Jonatas Krugg


Marcelo Donadussi

Located in Gravataí, southern Brazil, this work was developed to compose the leisure area of ​​an existing residence. Thus, this project organizes the following items: a pool, a deck and a kiosk, the latter being the central element of this composition.

The kiosk consists of a rectangular cover of reinforced concrete, whose largest side is 15 meters long and the lowest, 6 meters. Four circular columns in the same section, measuring 35 cm each, lift it 3 meters from the floor level. In the longitudinal direction, the supports present a 9-m inter-column space and 3 meters of balance on each side. Transversally, 5.20 meters separate pillars that are spaced 40 centimeters from the edges.

This cover serves as a partial shelter for three volumes of apparent brick. The first is a 2.20x4.00m rectangle, which is arranged along the kiosk, featuring two bathrooms, a module for TV, a storage location, and a planter. The second, a 1x3.50 rectangle oriented in the same direction as the previous volume, is intended for cupboards and refrigerator. The third is a L-shaped polygon. It is one meter wide with outer segments measuring 3.2 meters and internal segments, 2.20 meters. This latter site features the grill, the pizza oven, and the wood stove. All volumes have the same height, 2.60 meters.

The kiosk also shelters a bar that serves the swimming pool, which is situated 70 cm below the floor level, and consists of a rectangle 4.80 meters long and one meter wide.

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