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Insecta Shoes Store

Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil





Area 30m²


Architectural project

Diego Brazil

Anderson Calvi


Caetano Salerno

The interior design for the Insecta Shoes store is located in Porto Alegre/RS. As architecture should be, Insecta is a brand attentive to environmental issues and committed to social responsibility. These brand premises were in line with the project proposed for this interior.

The space for the store is a complementary piece of an old residence that was transformed into the administrative headquarters of Insecta Shoes. With the possibility of future expansion and/or change in the configuration of current spaces, the project was conceived in order to allow the change of the space layout, as well as the easy relocation of the pieces to another place or even to be established in another address.

Therefore, only two parts were designed that assemble different configurations and fulfill different functions. The first component in a cruciform shape is repeatedly fixed to the wall, this element works as a support and fitting for the other pieces. The second component is a rectangular module which, except for two edges, has its corners composed of square metal profiles and three faces involved with expanded metal sheet. This module, by itself, can function as an exhibitor for shoes, a coffee table, bench, support for backpacks and a counter for service; if combined, it can function as a shelf, bulkhead, waiting counter, among other possibilities.

Therefore, the project minimizes the number of parts needed, since it is possible to assemble it according to need; allows easy transport of modules; and allows a game of overlaps, juxtapositions and fittings to adapt to new functions.

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